Hi! I’m Ryan, a software engineer with a focus on security, performance and clean design. If any of my projects interest you and you have questions or want something similar made for you please reach out to me! I can be reached on Twitter or email.


  • 4 years of professional programming experience since graduating high school in 2016
  • Enterprise Java, Oracle SQL
  • Enterprise C#, VB, MSSQL
  • Enterprise Node.js, Postgres SQL
  • CTFs through Hack the Box, GrrCON and more!

Knowledge in the following areas

  • AWS
  • Back end [Java, Node.js, C#, Go, Python, PHP]
  • Front End [Javascript, Jquery, React, Angular]
  • Red Team security [CSRF, RCE, XSS, IDOR, Information Disclosure]
  • Creating CLI tools
  • Hardware [Arduino, ESP8266 Node MCU]

Thanks for reading!