Binary Keyboard Automator

Binary keyboard too slow? Try this!

Ryan Wise

1 minute read

Why the hell would you make this

I posted a demo of my binary keyboard on TikTok and it took off surprisingly well. However a lot of people not clued into the fact that keyboard is a joke / desk toy. They said it wasn’t efficient and is too slow. So I set about making a sarcastic ass answer to these problems. Here is the Original Tiktok

Technical Overview

This is a fairly simple project, really it’s just 2 solenoids controlled by a couple of MOSFETs reading a PS/2 keyboard. The PS/2 protocol is much simpler than USB, consisting of 11 bit frames containing: 1 start bit (always 0) 8 data bits 1 parity bit 1 stop bit (always 1)

So processing this using a ready made library on an Arduino was easy. The solenoids are 12v generics from Amazon that I under-volted to 8.5v.