Morse Keyboard

Bombers aren't flying overhead, but we can type like it

Ryan Wise

4 minute read

<p>that’s what this is. 1 Key all of the combinations. Is there any reason to even use a 100% keyboard anymore? I feel the 1% keyboard is going to revolutionize home computing!</p>

Binary Keyboard Automator

Binary keyboard too slow? Try this!

Ryan Wise

1 minute read

<p>I posted a demo of my binary keyboard on TikTok and it took off surprisingly well. However a lot of people not clued into the fact that keyboard is a joke / desk toy. They said it wasn’t efficient and is too slow. So I set about making a sarcastic ass answer to these problems. Here is the <a href="">Original Tiktok</a></p>

Binary Keyboard

Use 0s and 1s to type like the most elitest keyboard user ever

Ryan Wise

2 minute read

<p>This is a fun desk toy that could have use as a macro pad if you mapped macros to the 8 bits. It’s a 2 key keyboard for the most tedious typing experience ever. The keyboard will have you type 8 bits, on the 8th bit entered it will send the connected computer the correlated ASCII code. Thus being a technically fully functioning keyboard using 2 keys.</p>